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What does Bonafied Certificate mean ?

Bonafide Certificate is that document which proves about an individual being part of particular school or institute or company or community. It is a proof that an individual was part of particular class and course in such and such school or institute or company or community in past which is a current record actually. This record mentions basic information like name, date-of-birth, father’s name, course pursued / designation of the employee, etc. However, the Bonafied Certificate issued to an individual on letter head of school or institute or company along with seal and signature doesn’t remain valid post three months of time.

When an individual apply for visa to foreign county, Bonafide Certificate is mandatory to be legalized. Home Department of the state from where Bonafide Certificate being issued is the authority which attests, verifies and legalizes this document. Documents once attested from Government department attain entitlement of being original and correct for official purposes. Attested Bonafied Certificate is required for;

  • Employment Visa
  • Seeking Job Abroad
  • Study abroad

Bonafide Certificate Attestation for UAE

Certificate attestation is unavoidable step to get visa approval. All who plan to visit abroad for employment, business or higher studies has to present documents to authorities for verification. In case of improper certificate attestation country rejects visa application as well as work permit.

All Right Attestation Services is one of the most authentic attestation service providers for UAE. We deal in each aspect of documentation industry. Educational document, Non-Educational document, Commercial document attestation and handling are being included in our services. We are user-friendly company give quick, authentic and economical document attestation services for UAE.

In today’s scenario we are witnessing a large number of people in search of employment and entrepreneurial activities started shifting to UAE or other gulf region. Hence, Bonafide Certificate attestations for educational, non-educational and commercial documents have been made mandatory to visit UAE.

Authorized Departments/Authorities with the use of their official seal and signature witness by attesting Bonafied certificate. This attestation assures that specified Bonafide certificate has approved from respective department with its Seal and signature to prove certificate authenticity.

Bonafide Certificate Attestation Process for UAE

p>Foreign Countries like UAE, etc. require proper completion of Bonafied Certificate attestation for its successful use in their land. This includes embassy attestation, consulate attestation, MEA attestation, SDM attestation, MOFA attestation, Notary attestation, Mantralaya attestation, Home Ministry attestation, Foreign Ministry attestation, Ministry of Justice attestation. All Right Attestation Services take responsibility to carry out Bonafide Certificate Attestation for UAE on your behalf.

To complete attestation it is mandate to follow process laid down by Federal Laws of the country. Indeed attestation of certificates will commence at the home country.

Starting from where the certificate is issued, it will further be preceded to relevant departments like Home Ministry, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and the embassy of UAE in country. After attestation from UAE embassy in home country, certificates will go to UAE. MOFA in UAE is responsible for final attestation. Later to which your certificates are ready for official purposes. Our team is familiar with governmental formalities in respect to attestation.

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