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All Right Attestation Services have been providing UAE Embassy Attestation and Legalization services from 2015. We are one of the trusted document attestation service agents with top reliability report, The trust from customer all over the India has made us what we are now.

Affordable Certificate attestation in Delhi from UAE Embassy: We provide Certificate Attestation & apostille services in Delhi India for UAE from Ministry of External Affairs Govt of India Delhi and UAE Embassy located in India. UAE the huge manpower requirement is predicted in the Gulf Cooperation Council region especially in Dubai. Attestation on a Certificate for UAE is the act of witnessing a Certificate by govt authorized persons, Departments, authorities in India & UAE Embassy and all other Countries, with their official seal and signature. Attestation or authentication is witnessing that document and certificate is the true and accurate & authenticity of a certificate.

UAE Embassy Certificate Attestation Services in India

All Right Attestation Services provides professional document attestation services for UAE. We assist our Clients to get an attestation or UAE embassy legalization for their documents & certificates issued in India. An attestation or UAE embassy legalization certifies the genuineness of documents. We offer our clients a distinct edge, when they assign the responsibility of collecting their certificates and documents they are assured for top quality of UAE embassy documents attestation services. With the Team strength and commitment, we make it our business to understand the requirement of our clients and closely match it with our standards. We believe in customer satisfaction, our attestation service is consistent, quick and at reasonable price, at the same time committed to highest documents attestation standards. We do our best to provide the finest and most customer-friendly UAE embassy Attestation services. We are integrated with a vision to provide the absolute solution for your certificate attestation formalities from India. Our aim is to attain client satisfaction.

All Right Attestation Services has phone tracking facility. We inform our Clients about the real time status of their certificates and documents undergoing attestation/Apostille by sending them SMS/mails regarding the most recent update that are taking place in their UAE Embassy legalization process. Our clients can contact our experts on 91-70655189937 round the clock.

Our UAE Embassy Attestation Service

Free pick & Drop Facility Free advice from Attestation Experts 24/7 Call centre support "We can complete all Certificate UAE embassy Attestation procedures from anywhere in India without your presence" We certify commercial documents such as Board Resolutions, Articles of Incorporation, Commercial agreements, Appointment of Directors, Establishment of branch offices, Commercial Invoices, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of good standing, etc. UAE embassy Attestation is a onetime process, if you attested once you can use those documents for life time. We provide you only original and Trusted attestations from all the Govt departments and UAE embassy.

Best UAE Embassy Attestation Services in Delhi, India

The UAE embassy in India provides certificate attestation services for Indian documents that need to be used in the UAE. The attestation process involves verifying the authenticity of the document by the Indian authorities and then by the UAE embassy in India.

The UAE embassy attests various types of documents, including educational certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates, and commercial documents.

The process for attesting documents at the UAE embassy in India typically involves the following steps:

  • Get your document attested by the designated authority in India, such as the Education Board, Ministry of External Affairs, or the Home Department, depending on the type of document.
  • After attestation by the designated authority, the document needs to be submitted to the UAE embassy in India for further attestation.
  • The UAE embassy will verify the authenticity of the document and attest it accordingly.
  • The processing time for attestation of documents can vary depending on the type of document, the volume of requests, and the workload at the embassy. It is recommended to check with the embassy beforehand for the latest information on processing times and requirements.

In addition to the UAE embassy, there are also various service providers in India that offer document attestation services for the UAE. These companies can help with the attestation process and provide guidance on the required documents and procedures.

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